The full Golden Ultra is 85 km of mountain bliss, spread over three days: Blood, Sweat and Tears.  If you're not quite up to all of that fun, you can opt for our "Half Pint" option of Climb, Conquer and Cruise.  


Day 1

Run uphill until you are sure you're sweating blood.  The first day of the 3-day Golden Ultra involves an unrelenting uphill challenge.  This one is going to hurt.

Blood - 5 km, 1000 m ascent
Climb - 3 km, 600 m ascent


Day 2

You're going to sweat.  "Enjoy" one big and beautiful loop with fantastic mountain views. The full distance option features 15 km of ridge running while the 30 km is a trail runners dream of fun single-track.

Sweat - 60 km, 2500 m ascent
Conquer - 30 km, 660 m ascent


Day 3

Tears of happiness or tears of pain?  This last day of "flat," "flowy," and "fun" trail may be the best of times... or it may be the worst. 

Tears - 22 km, 900 m ascent
Cruise - 10.5 km, 220 m ascent

UTMB Qualification Race

The Golden Ultra 85 km stage race in addition to the stages Sweat (60 km) and Tears (22 km) are UTMB qualifying races.  

Golden Ultra Stage Race - 2 points (4 new)

Sweat - 1 point (3 new)

Tears - 0 points (1 new)


Trail Resources for Golden

New to Golden?  Download the interactive trail map app from the Golden Cycling Club. 

The Golden Cycling Club is a critical resource to the trail culture of Golden.  Please take the time to high-five any volunteers you see out there working on the trails.  Or if you're more financially motivated, make a donation to their trail maintenance and development fund by purchasing a club membership.