Join us for the best weekend of the year, next September!


Achieve your goals at the Golden Ultra.  Whether you're aiming for your first 10 km, vertical challenge, half marathon or ultra-marathon, we've got all the options on beautiful trails right from the town of Golden.

Hosted over 3 days, the Golden Ultra incorporates two stage races and their component days into one big mountain trail running festival. Runners can choose between either stage race and any of the individual single-day distances.


The Golden Ultra : 85 km Stage Race

The full Golden Ultra is 85 km of mountain bliss, spread over three days: Blood, Sweat and Tears.  

Day 1


Vertical KM

The first day is an unrelenting vertical challenge.
4.5 km, 1050m ascent.

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Day 2


55 km Ultra

The queen stage of the weekend. 55 km, 3500m ascent.

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Day 3


"Half Marathon"

The victory lap on some of Golden’s best. 20 km, 370 m ascent.

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The Half Pint: 45 Km Stage Race

The Half Pint was created due to popular demand and thrives because it's a perfect three days of some of the best trails Golden has to offer served up as: Climb, Conquer and Cruise.



Hike and run up some incredibly steep trails but finish on a mountain top!
3 km. 740m ascent.

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Step it up a notch with a technical 30 km race on rolling single track.
Technically, it’s 32 km. 1005 m ascent.

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Enjoy some of Golden’s best with this fun “10 km” loop.
12.1 km.  250m ascent.

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The golden Ultra: 120 km Ultramarathon


New in 2019, the Golden Ultra introduced a heck of a “Tour de Columbia Valley”. Our 120 km course links the two 60 km courses used in Golden Ultra history, forming a pendulum loop across the Columbia River valley in Golden BC. For our 2020 120KM race, we will simply reverse the direction of our 2019 course, and voila!

The only stage race the 120 km event is officially part of we call “eat - run -sleep.” But you’re welcome to add it to your mix and match if you’re truly crazy (pretty sure a few of you are…).

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UTMB Qualification Race

The Golden Ultra 85 km stage race in addition to the stages Sweat (60 km) and Tears (22 km) are UTMB qualifying races.  

Golden Ultra Stage Race - 4 points
Sweat - 3 points



Trail Resources for Golden

New to Golden?  Download the interactive trail map app from the Golden Cycling Club. 

The Golden Cycling Club is a critical resource to the trail culture of Golden.  Please take the time to high-five any volunteers you see out there working on the trails.  Or if you're more financially motivated, make a donation to their trail maintenance and development fund by purchasing a club membership.