We are pretty extreme out here in Golden, BC - but we also like to have some serious fun. See below for our annual contests and some general tomfoolery!

Hobby Horsin’ Around
60 km Beers
Mountain Karaoke



Are you a hobbyist? An enthusiast? How about a hobby horse enthusiast? Unlike other equestrian endeavours, this sport involves only a minimal investment of money and time. It does not even involve an actual horse. Turns out, all you need is a stick…and a dream.


Inspired by this video we are recognizing a niche group of runners out there who can’t bear to leave their trusty steeds behind.

The challenge: run the entire race with your hobby horse in tow.

Creativity is encouraged! Hobby horse aficionados take high pride in the sport’s do-it-yourself attitude and we don’t expect anything less.

The rules:

  • Hobby horse must be at least 1 metre long, ears to tail

  • Horse must be ridden for the duration of the race

  • Tack is at the discretion of the rider

  • Galloping not required

  • Riders may choose any event to participate in (new in 2018), but please notify us that you're competing in the hobby-horse category.

  • We will have special prizes for all horse and rider teams.

Giddy up! (email registration@goldenultra.com or give us a shout out on social media with a pic of you and your horse).

Some stories from our Hobby Horse Challenge

Melanie Colburn undertakes her first ever ultra with Pony Boy (video below). 

Ashley and Pretty prancer had a special request...

read more here...

eagle’s eye beer selfie


As you can tell, we at the Golden Ultra have a pretty good sense of humour and love to let our imaginations take off with pretty ridiculous ideas.

Ever since year 1 we've understood that runners get thirsty, very thirsty.  And, in our experience, we've found that the height of thirst normally occurs around the height of the Golden Ultra course.  Based on scientific observation we've heard many a runner (and maybe ourselves included) claim how much they'd love a beer as they're topping out on the T4 ridge.

Coincidentally, and happily, we have a restaurant that serves beer at our 3rd aid station on the Sweat (60 km), the height of the course, and approximately 33 km. So whether you're racing, running, or on a training run, we encourage you to take in a cold one at Eagle's Eye Restaurant and enjoy the views.

Which brings us to race day.  And our weird sense of humour.

The rules:

  1. You must leave the course, enter Eagle's Eye Restaurant and sip a beer in front of some glorious views. (There is no penalty for leaving the course at this point.)

  2. You must take a photo of yourself enjoying your beer and post it to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #EEBeerfortheWin (otherwise we're not going to find it).

  3. Bonus points may be awarded for cute kids and/or drinking our local brew (Whitetooth Brewery).

  4. Only 60 km racers may participate (bib must be visible in photo)



You thought this weekend was about trail running? Think again. Presenting live from Golden, BC September 21-23: Golden Ultra Karaoke! Showcase your best group or solo karaoke anywhere on our course and win some rad swag. Croon, lip sync, or have a 5 piece band alongside you. Whatever you got, we wanna see it. More is more, as we always say. Dress like an 80s hair band, channel your most melancholy Johnny Cash on a ridgeline...we are open to all forms of musical self expression. This competition also compliments our bear safety protocol, which is to be nice and loud on the trails. There's really no reason NOT to participate.

How to participate: As we understand that inspiration can strike when you least expect it - your entry can come in at anytime during any event. All you have to do is capture the moment, and tag us in it on Instagram with the hashtag #goldenultrakaraoke before Sunday (Sept 23) at noon. We will then gather the top 3 entries and do a vote on social media, and have a winner chosen for our Sunday afternoon awards ceremony.

We can't wait to see what you come up with! Also, we highly encourage documenting your practice sessions...