Put me in, Coach!

It’s the time of year where our Netflix accounts go into overdrive, we’re still binge-ing on Halloween candy (yes we’ll admit it) and we’re gearing up for some serious holiday dinners. The weather isn’t always cooperating…and let’s be honest - it’s always a bit of an adjustment getting used to the cold again! We know it sometimes takes a little extra kick to get out the door. So we’re offering you an incentive to streamline and focus your training going into the new year.


Sign up with a coach for some accountability and structure in November and you’ll be entered to win a free entry to the 2019 Golden Ultra! All you need to do is show us proof (email, receipt, whatever, we’re not picky) that you’re signed up and we’ll enter your name in the draw.

Not sure you know a coach you want to work with? Check out our recommendations and partners here:

Both Jen Faraone and Magi Scallion are offering 25% off to new clients for your first three months of coaching if you sign up by the end of November.

Jenn Faraone

Jenn Faraone

Magi Scallion

Magi Scallion

5th Year's a Charm!


Many of you have probably seen this smiling face over the years…it’s Ben Yu-Schott!

Ben’s in the spotlight because he has just registered for his FIFTH Golden Ultra. Are you crazy, Ben?! This original gangster has been with us since day 1, and we wanted to take a moment to recognize this dedicated dude who has given us hundreds of kilometres, and countless laughs on and off the camera.

“All of the Golden Ultra runners feel like family to us, and the ones that have been coming since Day 1 hold a special place in our hearts,” reflects Magi. “Ben has always stood out because of his infectious smile on course (even after 60 km) and because he travels all the way from the Yukon, year after year. We’re stoked to have Ben back in 2019… it wouldn’t be the same without him!!”

Here’s what Ben has to say about the Golden Ultra:

This race holds a special place in my heart and it keeps me coming back every year even though it is a long way from home (Whitehorse, Yukon). The organizers and volunteers are awesome. The runners are inspirational. The trails are epic. The format is a unique challenge with the three different stages / races. Golden is a lovely place to visit. The people are now family and Golden feels like a second home. Not to mention that nice Whitetooth beer tastes even better in a Golden Ultra cup that has been hard earned after three days in the mountains. Fall just wouldn’t be fall without the Golden Ultra. I’m stoked to be coming back for my 5th year, in particularly to explore the new 60K course! I hear the 120K race in 2019 will be cool to see too. Can’t wait until September!


Photo Galleries are HERE!!!


Thank you all for being so patient as our tireless and talented photographers worked to prepare thousands of images for us all to relish and re-live. They’re now ready to view in an exclusive gallery set up by Bruno for those that have purchased our photo package (note: you will need to purchase a package to obtain access to the full galleries if you have not already).

If you have bought our package already, you’ve been emailed a link on how to access these galleries. Please let us know by emailing social@goldenultra.com if you’ve bought into the photography package and did not receive your all access email pass.


Also, if you did not purchase but are feeling some major FOMO, you can still get in on the fun! By purchasing our photography package you'll receive full access to the galleries that Bruno and Laura put their blood, sweat, and tears into. This package includes two free downloads for you to cash in as well.



SOLD OUT FOR 2019 - Check back in early 2020 for a link to 2020 photos

Get to see the entire photography library and guarantee a couple shots of yourself by our event photographers.  This package gets you two photos of yourself running (or posing) and the option to purchase more if you like what you see.

Add To Cart

Interested in our photography package?

We’ve had quite a few inquiries regarding our glorious photography from last weekend, so we’re here to shed some light on how to get your hands on some of the many stunning images from this year’s Golden Ultra!


Prior to the race, we sell our photography package in our online store, and for those that opt in - we hand their bib numbers over to the pros and let them do their thing! However, even if you did not purchase prior to the race, not to worry - you can still get your all access pass. Over the weekend, you probably have a pretty good idea if you were caught behind the lens. Or - perhaps you just want some lovely professional images of the race in general. Either way, purchasing our photo package will give you full access to our photographers galleries which they will be sending over once they’ve edited their thousands of captures. These should arrive in the next week or two!

Once we have their libraries, we can then share them with you all.

Thank you for your patience, and we hope you're starting to feel rested after a monumental effort at the Golden Ultra.


Lost and Found

We are compiling a virtual Lost & Found through this blog, based on items that were left behind or found over this past weekend.

If you are missing anything from this weekend, please email registration@goldenultra.com


Timing Chip #s : J11, J13, P42, C91, A38, A41


Red North Face shell jacket - Men’s Large
Black Diamond hiking pole (black) - single pole
California Marathon t-shirt
Red Long-sleeve technical shirt
Grey long-sleeve shirt
Orange MEC jacket
Moose Mountain Toque
Dirty Duo Toque
DCShoeCo Hoodie
Nike Ball Cap
Black gloves (4 pairs)
Blue Saucony Jacket
Lululemon Long-sleeve (ladies)
Black Buff

2018 Results can be found HERE!

We don’t know about you guys, but we’re definitely still riding a serious high from the legendary weekend we just had!!! It’s safe to say that this year was our most extreme ultra yet, weather wise (naturally it’s sunny here in Golden now that we’re back in the office).

Here is a link to all the 2018 results. We’ve updated our course records as well to include this year’s most blistering times. Due to our Saturday and Sunday courses being re-routed for 2019 - guess what?! Most of our 2019 course records are up for GRABS!