You heard it here: we've got NEW COURSES planned for 2019!!!!

The cat is out of the bag….we’ve applied for NEW courses in 2019!!!!! The east side of the valley has long been less charted territory, so with great excitement and anticipation we look forward to featuring some of the incredible new and rehabilitated trails located on the indomitable Mount 7.  

Our Day 1 Blood and Climb races will remain at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, but the Day 2 Sweat and Conquer races will move to the east side of the valley on Mount 7 (still challenging… possibly more challenging!). Day 3 Tears and Cruise races will move to the CBT mainline network on the west side of the valley (soooo delicious).

Summit view of part of the proposed new course.

Summit view of part of the proposed new course.

… and if that wasn’t good news enough, we’re also planning to open a 120 km event (read: link our two amazing 60 km courses into one mega figure 8) in 2019. Hold on to your horse-power kids, because Golden is ready to get real!

View from the launch pad at the top of Mount 7 facing southeast.

View from the launch pad at the top of Mount 7 facing southeast.

Because we know you do love what we’ve got going on already and might get a bit of FOMO, we intend to maintain the current courses that you’ve come to know and love on each EVEN numbered year (back to the T4 ridge for the Sweat and Moonrakers for the Conquer in 2020) - and feature the new course routes on odd-numbered years (2019 and 2021).

Registration for 2019 will open on September 24 and super early-bird pricing is in effect until September 30: use the code iamsopumped to get a head start on the field.

… all right… discuss… comment section below!

Breaking It Down: The Cruise

The final leg of our Half Pint stage race is the 10K race we've aptly named the Cruise. Runners will start at Spirit Square, but this time head across the historical timber-frame bridge over the Kicking Horse River and follow the Rotary Trail along the south side of the river for approximately 2 km before encountering some incline.

After departing the river banks, the Rotary Trail kicks steeply upward for about 300 metres, followed by... more climbing. After you get past the ball diamonds you keep heading up "7-up" which is deceptively hard before you cross the Bowle-Evans FSR and hit "Bush Party" (fun and flat) and "Berminator" (you can guess how fun this downhill is). Once you hit the bottom of Berminator, you run a couple kilometres of relative flat trail on Selkirk Slacker.


Cruising along Selkirk Slacker is breezy, and once you hit the bridge Over Snake Hill you get to kick it into cruise control and bomb down Snake Hill on a popular downhill bike trail.

At the bottom of Snake Hill you've got to climb up Rodeo Drive. It's not that steep or long, but it feels really mean at the end of the course. Once you've conquered Rodeo Drive you're back on the Rotary Trails and will soon make a methodical and gradual descent back down to the campground, running the glorious last 2 km along the Kicking Horse River to Spirit Square.


Breaking It Down: The Conquer

The Conquer is the most challenging stage of the Half Pint race series, covering 30 km and 660m of elevation gain.  After a steep Day 1 at Kicking Horse Mountain, we head into Golden for the start and finish of Day 2, located at Spirit Square. Spirit Square is in the heart of Golden’s downtown, immediately next to the historical timberframe bridge that spans the Kicking Horse River. 


To start, participants will run along the Rotary Trail & Kicking Horse Trail (roadway), heading west, on the north & east sides of the Kicking Horse & Columbia Rivers.  The first 2 km of this leg is mellow and flat, until runners cross the single-lane bridge over the Columbia River and hit the trails. Starting on CBT Mainline and traversing “Take it Easy” alongside the Columbia River the views are spectacular and the running is “rolling.”  

Once runners cross the Elk Road and start heading up Gold Rush, things get elevated. Gold Rush is a “preferred direction downhill” style trail, built for mountain biking and climbs steadily for a few kilometres. At the top of Gold Rush, runners get a slight breather with the topography flattening out but remaining primarily uphill for the next 12 km. The trails following Gold Rush – Old Age and CBT Mainline – were built in the past 5 years and are buff and flowy.


CBT Mainline meets the Tallus Forest Service Road at approximately the 12 km point in the course.  Runners follow the Tallus Road for about 500 m where they enter the Cedar Lake/Moonraker Trail System and pass the first aid station. 

Once past the first aid station, you continue along the same trail as the Sweat (60km race) for about 2 km until the courses split at the intersection of Arrowhead (the trail you’ll be running on) and Barking Dog.  It’s a sharp right but you get to go downhill and see a beautiful view of 2nd Cedar Lake.  


You follow this trail along the lake until it starts to climb.  There is 1.5 km or so of climb before you hit an intersection with Talus Forestry Road and then get to start your descent.  First stop is the aid station you just passed (yum!) and then you descend the exact same single track trail until the intersection of CBT and Old Age, where you stay left on CBT.    

Runners will follow the meandering and flowy CBT Mainline right to the Columbia River.  From the end of the trail, runners follow the same route they did at the start for the final, flat 2 km to the FINISH line at Spirit Square.

Essential gear required to ensure MAX good times!

We want you all to have an incredible time with us in September, and often in the mountains - good times come to those who prepare. SO: we have compiled a little Golden Ultra gear list that is required for all participants... or else.

For clarification, gear such as a hobby unicorn and wireless mic for your #goldenultrakaraoke debut are NOT mandatory, but may win you a prize - so is there really a difference?


  • Water bottles / hydration device
  • Bear Spray (not required, but strongly recommended)
  • Cell phone (not required, strongly recommended) 

On the Sweat leg, we will require all 60K'ers to have:

  • Hat
  • Gloves
  • Jacket

IF there is extensive or problem bear activity in the days leading up to the event we may also require bear spray. Likewise, pending the weather forecast, we may also require an emergency blanket to be carried.

For more information on wildlife safety, please follow this link.

We will update you if our required gear list changes in the week leading up to our event! Happy September running!