Food and Gear

Whoa... this time next week you'll all be finished the Blood and getting ready for the Tears.  

With a little less than 7 days until the start gun fires, we just wanted to update you on a couple last minute pieces.  This website is going to be your #1 resource for event weekend and everything here will be our resource as well.  If you have a question - don't hesitate to email us and we'll post our answers here so that they're available to everybody.

Mandatory Gear

The mandatory gear list will be posted here.  At this point we anticipate that the hydration devices, jackets, gloves and hats will be mandatory.  We're running with that stuff every day as the weather has turned more autumn-like here in Golden.  

Cell phones will be strongly recommended.  There is service for nearly the entire course and our website will have electronic mapping (kind of like google maps that will locate you on the trail system).  This e-resource will be a back-up to all of the course markings we're putting out... and you'll be able to see where you are on the course at any time.  Sweet!

Bear Spray is TBA.  So far there have been practically zero wildlife sightings on course so, while we do strongly recommend carrying it (we run with it every day), it will probably not be required.

If you check out the forecasts for the next 7 days... well... let's just say they're looking exciting.  As a matter of a fact, we're supposed to get 10 cm of snow at high elevations on Monday night.  That's just another reason why you should bring some toasty warm clothing and do a little sun-dance for a more promising long-term forecast... it can always change in the mountains!

Aid Station Menus

Assuming the ravenous crew does not get to the food before you do, there are going to be some tasty morsels at the aid stations.  We've got volunteers willing to bail out of their cushy jobs and run for these treats... Well... we are letting them snack up, too.  Here's a quick summary:

  • Ultima replenisher sport drink
  • Water
  • Honey Stinger - gels, chews, waffles
  • GoMacro - Bars
  • Bananas, Oranges, Apples
  • Salty nut mixes
  • Chips, Pretzels
  • Jujubes and licorice
  • Coca-cola (select aid stations)
  • Coffee (select aid stations)
  • Ginger Cookies (select aid stations)
  • Chocolate covered almonds (select aid stations)
  • Watermelon (select aid stations)

Drop Bags and Pacers

A little addendum to this post as this is also critical information for you. 

Drop bags can be prepared for all four aid stations in the Sweat.  Drop bags can be dropped off at registration on Friday or before 7:00 am on Saturday morning to Spirit Square.  Drop bags must all be labelled with the appropriate aid station # (1-4) and your name/bib number.  We will have boxes for each aid station so you will be responsible for making sure it gets put in the correct box.  Anything left at an aid station will be available from the information booth at the finish line, after the last racer finishes (maybe sooner).

Pacers will not be permitted this year as we don't currently have a mechanism to safely incorporate them into our emergency management plan.  Please do take advantage of our crew pass, however, so that you can have a friend or family member meet you at any of the four aid stations on Saturday.

Food vs. Dietary Supplements

This is the second article in a multi-part series about athlete nutrition and eating for performance.  These articles are written by Katie Mazzia, Clinical Dietician and Diabetes Educator at the Vail Valley Medical Centre in Colorado.  Katie is part of the Golden Ultra family and a fantastic runner herself.  As a multiple time podium finisher at the TransRockies Run, she knows a thing or two about healthy eating as an athlete!

Proper nutrition is the first line of high level performance and recovery for all athletes. 

Did you know...

1) Drinking tart cherry juice or concentrate before and after activity can help muscle soreness
2) Fatty fish such as wild-caught salmon and Barramundi can decrease inflammation
3) Carbohydrate + protein (3:1 ratio) intake within 30-60 minutes after a race or hard work-out can significantly decrease muscle damage.   

Although benefits may exist for some dietary supplements, poor manufacturing practices, cross-contamination, and illegal drugs disguised as dietary supplements can cause athletes to test positive for banned substances and result in serious consequences.

Dietary supplements and herbal preparations can also cause adverse health effects, especially if you already take prescription medications. Talk with your pharmacist and physician to determine what’s right for you. A sports dietitian can also review your current nutrition plan for optimal performance.

Resources that test, screen and certify dietary supplements for quality and banned substances:

Learn from organizations that provide dietary supplement information specific to athletes: