Safety Sundays: An Introduction


It’s getting to that time where we need to start discussing all things safety in anticipation of our event weekend. We are stoked to have a super qualified Emergency Response team on hand, lead by the awesome Jesse Hoevenaars.

What does our Emergency Response team do? They’re essentially responsible for all care and action in the case of an emergency, which could be anything from a blister, to hypothermia, to working with other local services in case of a bomb threat. There is nothing like being prepared, but for the most part, we’ll be expecting our emergency response team to be:

  • tracking runners and monitoring the live results for lost or missing runners;

  • responding to minor medial concerns on course and at the finish line;

  • coordinating a response with other event crew and volunteers in case an event-sized response is needed; and,

  • working with the local Search and Rescue, BC Ambulance, Police and Fire departments to ensure runners are safe.

Our Emergency Response team includes Jesse, a dedicated finish line first aid crew as well as first aiders at all of our aid stations. We also try to make sure our sweep crew is certified in first aid or able to quickly get in touch with our medical team.

Jesse hails from the lower mainland, and is currently working as a Licensed Primary Care Paramedic. He also teaches First Aid courses around the country with PEAK Emergency Response Training, which is where our race director met him, and well… the rest is history!

Jesse has a background in ski patrol, fire, and used to play basketball competitively. He’s know a self proclaimed “BC Fitness” addict who loves biking, hiking, and trail running in his spare time. We’re STOKED to have him on board leading up our First Aid unit this year at the Golden Ultra. Jesse doesn’t have time for photography so above is a photo of him back in his early paramedic / fire days.


Without further ado, we also have a selection of safety videos for all participants to watch PRIOR to September 20th. These videos are mandatory to watch before racing, and since they’re a pre-recorded video you can watch it as many times as you like leading into the event!

The first video for your viewing pleasure is our Introduction to Safety at the Golden Ultra.

To culminate our Safety Sundays in September once we have rolled out all of our videos, we will have a safety quiz and giveaway a rad prize to one of our lucky participants who nails the exam! Stay safe out there, folks.