FAQ about Support Crews

We’ve been getting a lot of questions around what the protocol is for support crews this year with our courses flipping to the other side of the valley, so here are some important items to know on all things SUPPORT!

If you’re running anything less than 60 km, ignore this PSA, it does not apply to you. :)

Sweat racers (“60 km”): there are no crew passes this year. You are technically able to access ALL aid stations by car and/or a bit of walking. We recommend that you only plan to visit the Mount 7 and Bush Party Aid Stations as they will be the easiest to access. We do not recommend visiting the Cedar House aid station as parking is on private property and very limited. Selkirk Slacker and Cliffside aid stations will both require at least a kilometre of walking.

If you’re running the 120 km, your crew will be able to access you as stated above, and also at Cedar Lake, LSD and Ondonata aid stations. There will be NO ACCESS to the Eagle’s Eye Aid station from 4 pm on Saturday until 10 am on Sunday as the gondola does not run in the evening. If you need support during this period, your only option is to organize to run with a pacer.

Pacer registration for 120 km runners is mandatory - you don’t have to have a pacer, but if you do want one, they must be registered. (Note: we do not allow pacers in the 60 km event). Pacers may join you for any section from 55 km onward (from Spirit Square on the “2nd half” of the course). See note above re: access to Eagle’s Eye aid station - if you have a pacer for this section they must join you from the LSD aid station to the base of Kicking Horse Resort or the Odonata aid station.

A registration link is now posted here.

Questions? Do not hesitate to email Magi at registration@goldenultra.com