Hobby Horsing: Not Just a Niche Finnish Sport...

If you’ve been to our race weekend before, you know fun ranks pretty dang high on our list…so it’s only natural that we passionately endorse and encourage silliness as much as we endorse safety. That brings us to our dark horse category (pun intended)….the Hobby Horse! Once a secret society in Finland, the sport of hobby horsing is taking off in gym classes and high societies around the world. Our hobby horse category is OPEN to any and all events at the Golden Ultra!  


The challenge: run the entire race with your hobby horse in tow.


Creativity is KEY! We’ve had unicorns, cowboys, couples rides, and so many handmade gems throughout the years. Hobby horse aficionados historically take extreme pride in the sport’s DIY kitschy attitude and we don’t expect anything less from you all.  Riders may choose any event to participate in, but we ask that you notify us that you're competing in the hobby-horse category. We will have special prizes for all horse and rider teams.

To support our riders and their steeds, we will have a corral at the start of the race, and veterinary support standing by.

Click here for a full set of rules, participant content, and more hilarity from one of our favourite categories offered at the Golden Ultra.

Giddy up! (email registration@goldenultra.com or give us a shout out on social media with a pic of you and your horse).