Trail Racing at 70: The Story of Carol Green

We recently featured an article on Carol Green, a 71 year old trail running goddess that has been logging some seriously impressive mileage out on the coast with the Ladies of The Trails, a women’s trail running initiative founded by her daughter, Solana Green. Carol joined us in 2018 as one of our oldest competitors ever, and absolutely crushed the Half Pint! We wanted to pick her brain a little bit more on what made her choose our race.

In Carol’s words:

Around Christmas of 2017, over many (many) beers, I had my arm twisted and agreed to run the Golden Ultra Half Pint to Celebrate my 70th year.  In the past I had run a few road half marathons but my longest trail race or run was probably about 15km.  This was to be my longest trail run ever plus being a stage race. What sealed the deal for me was the promise of a running buddy, a past Golden Ultra Full and Half Pint Finisher, to stick with me during each of the 3 stages.

I was surrounded and mentored by many ‘Ladies of the Trails’ and it was a truly amazing experience!  I did not manage to train as hard as I should have/could have, but I did have a training plan and completed all my training runs.  I even did a mock 3-day stage race in the Squamish area 3 weeks before the big weekend.  Friday was a 3km climb with 900m of elevation up EVAC, under the Sea to Sky Gondola.  Saturday was a 28km run to Cat Lake which included a river fording and 820m elevation gain and Sunday was a 9km romp through the local trails. 

The entire time, both during training and the 3-day race, I was supported by enthusiastic and encouraging young women. This really helped me to stay on task and to stay focused.  I am a pretty determined person and when I set a goal I usually stick to it.  This was a really worthwhile goal!  It was hard, but it was a blast and I am so glad I did it!  I am really looking forward to doing it again this year and I am definitely going to try to devote more time to my training!  

I encourage others to step out of their comfort zones and take on this beautiful challenge…you won’t regret it!

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