*Important for all participants* The last month of newsletters can be found right here!

Hello all!!!

We are getting STOKED to have you all join us in Golden in two weeks! As part of our pre-race preparations, we've been sending you some important information every week or so in anticipation for the big event.

In order to ensure that everyone has a chance to read our pre race ramblings filled with imperative details such as safety briefings, cut-off and start times, weekend timelines, bag drop details, etc - we've compiled the last month of communications below.


September 14th Correction for Conquer start time: it is 9:AM. We really like messing with you half pinters. We repeat, 9AM start time for Conquer.

September 6th  Correction for Conquer cut-off: the finish line WILL be open for all of you ultra crazies if you come in past 2pm. Not to worry! 

August 30th  

August 25th  

August 9th  Correction for the first paragraph of this newsletter. The Sweat is indeed 58.2K. Final answer. No phoning a friend.