The Art of Power Hiking: How to Master Those Steep Uphill Climbs

The secret is out...You do not have to run every single metre when mountain running. Say what?!!!!

That's right: there is literally no shame in walking up a steep climb. Depending on the grade, a power hike is the most efficient way to cover ground and preserve your legs and energy reserves.  

Check out our race director Magi's hot tips for those leg burning inclines you'll find here at the Golden Ultra. 

Two main tips that our race director (and running coach) Magi Scallion likes to emphasize: 

- Make sure you maintain an erect posture even while implementing the “Forward Lean” and an open chest to maintain your lung capacity (see below article for further info on the Forward Lean). 

- Aim to land on your heel, and keep your heels on the ground as long as possible in effort to not burn out your calves. This will engage your glutes, which are much larger (usually) and able to propel you longer and further. Spread the muscle love!! 

We’ve also found a a great read by David Roche for Trail Running Magazine on how to maximize form and function on those uphill slogs. 

Happy inclines in the meantime!!