Breaking It Down: The Cruise

The final leg of our Half Pint stage race is the 10K race we've aptly named the Cruise. Runners will start at Spirit Square, but this time head across the historical timber-frame bridge over the Kicking Horse River and follow the Rotary Trail along the south side of the river for approximately 2 km before encountering some incline.

After departing the river banks, the Rotary Trail kicks steeply upward for about 300 metres, followed by... more climbing. After you get past the ball diamonds you keep heading up "7-up" which is deceptively hard before you cross the Bowle-Evans FSR and hit "Bush Party" (fun and flat) and "Berminator" (you can guess how fun this downhill is). Once you hit the bottom of Berminator, you run a couple kilometres of relative flat trail on Selkirk Slacker.


Cruising along Selkirk Slacker is breezy, and once you hit the bridge Over Snake Hill you get to kick it into cruise control and bomb down Snake Hill on a popular downhill bike trail.

At the bottom of Snake Hill you've got to climb up Rodeo Drive. It's not that steep or long, but it feels really mean at the end of the course. Once you've conquered Rodeo Drive you're back on the Rotary Trails and will soon make a methodical and gradual descent back down to the campground, running the glorious last 2 km along the Kicking Horse River to Spirit Square.