Beat the Heat With These Hot Weather Training Tips!

Warm Up To Stay Cool

A proper warm up is crucial in the heat, as it jumpstarts your body's evaporative cooling system... aka, sweat! Going right into a hard workout will rapidly increase your core body temperature before you’ve started sweating enough to regulate your systems. This is why acclimation is important: so that your body begins sweating before it needs to go into cool down mode. 

Slow and Steady (until your body’s ready)

Did you know that a full night's rest enhances heat tolerance? (Jury is out on siestas, but we promote those anyways). You may also need to tweak or adjust your expectations: We run approximately 10% slower in the heat, so trying to set a PB on a smoldering summer day probably isn't the best thing to do. In terms of safe practice - aim to run for time instead of distance on super-hot days, and gradually increase your exposure to the heat and humidity. As you get used to the conditions, you can start to increase your duration and intensity of your "heat of the day" workouts.


Water Fight!

Does dumping water on your head and clothing help? Yes! On super hot days, carry extra bottles or stop and refill often to ensure you have enough liquid to cool your body. If you overheat, find a way to immerse yourself in cool water to reduce core temperature. Jump in a lake, run through a sprinkler, hop in a public fountain (kidding that's probably frowned upon) —whatever you have to do to completely soak yourself. Start a water fight with the neighbours. Whatever it takes. The wetter you get, the more quickly you’ll dissipate heat.

Run safe out there friends!!