Warm up your pipes for the Golden Ultra Karaoke competition!

You thought this weekend was about trail running? Think again. Presenting live from Golden, BC September 21-23: Golden Ultra Karaoke! Showcase your best group or solo karaoke anywhere on our course and win some rad swag. Croon, lip sync, or have a 5 piece band alongside you. Whatever you got, we wanna see it. More is more, as we always say. Dress like an 80s hair band, channel your most melancholy Johnny Cash on a ridgeline...we are open to all forms of musical self expression. This competition also compliments our bear safety protocol, which is to be nice and loud on the trails. There's really no reason NOT to participate. Shout out to Melanie Colburn for dreaming up this brilliant idea! 


How to participate: As we understand that inspiration can strike when you least expect it - your entry can come in at anytime during any event. All you have to do is capture the moment, and tag us in it on Instagram with the hashtag #goldenultrakaraoke before Sunday (Sept 23) at noon. We will then gather the top 3 entries and do a vote on social media, and have a winner chosen for our Sunday afternoon awards ceremony.

We can't wait to see what you come up with! Also, we highly encourage documenting your practice sessions...