Our hobby horse challenge is back!!!

Did You Know?

The hobbyhorse is a toy of yesteryear, dating back to a homespun era predating automobiles. In the 1400s, the word hobby could refer to a real-life horse of small or average size. It soon came to refer to the horse costume worn by one participating in a morris dance or burlesque performance, and then, later, to the child’s toy. Another meaning of hobbyhorse was “a favorite pursuit or pastime”; our modern noun hobby (“an activity that one does for pleasure when not working”) was formed by shortening this word. From “pastime,” the meaning of hobbyhorse was extended to “a subject to which one repeatedly returns.” The sense is typically encountered as part of such metaphorical phrases as “get on one’s hobbyhorse” or “ride one’s hobbyhorse.”
— Merriam Webster Dictionary

Wrangle up your steeds, conjure up your unicorns, and gather up your toy ponies - our hobby horse category is now open to any and all events at the Golden Ultra!  

The challenge: run the entire race with your hobby horse in tow.

To support our riders and their steeds, we will have a corral at the start of the race, and veterinary support standing by.

Creativity is encouraged! We had a couple UNICORNS last year. Hobby horse aficionados take high pride in the sport’s do-it-yourself attitude and we don’t expect anything less this year. 

The rules:

  • Hobby horse must be at least 1 metre long, ears to tail
  • Horse must be ridden for the duration of the race
  • Tack is at the discretion of the rider
  • Galloping not required
  • Riders may choose any event to participate in (new in 2018), but please notify us that you're competing in the hobby-horse category.
  • We will have special prizes for all horse and rider teams.

Giddy up! (email registration@goldenultra.com or give us a shout out on social media with a pic of you and your horse).