Our pals Salomon know how thirsty we get during the Golden Ultra (ahem, Eagle's Eye beer breaks), so they've given us a sick XADV Skin 5 vest to give to one of you!!!!

Here's the deal: we're ready to shake things up a bit. So, we figured 1200+ brains are better than a few, and we're having a contest....... for the best NEW contest. Inception style. 

Stay with us! To clarify this radical concept - right now, we currently do:

Eagle's Eye Beer Selfie contest

Hobby Horse race category

Is there anything else outrageous you feel is missing during our 3 days together? Anything weird, wacky, or just plain wonderful that you've always wanted to be rewarded for out in the mountains? Let us know!

Contest rules: 1. Like our "contest within a contest" post on FB. 2. Tag your TWO most creative (or outrageous) friends in said post AND an idea for another race weekend contest that would take place at some point during the Golden Ultra, here in Golden BC, September 21st to 23rd.

Just like that you'll be entered to win our Salomon swag! We will announce the winner just in time for the long weekend. Let the brainstorm begin!