Itching to join us on the trails but don't know where to begin?!!

We're just over 6 months out from race weekend!!!


If you've found yourself staring at our website thinking "damn that looks fun but I’m scared of all the hurts on day 3", or "wow look at those VIEWS (but how the hell do I get up there)", or "how do I transition from road running to trails?!" ...WE'VE GOT YOU COVERED. 

We've prepared custom Golden Ultra specific training plans for both the Half Pint and the Full Pint!!! These plans are made with love by a 3 time Golden Ultra vet, and of course, thoroughly vetted by our race director, Magi Scallion. 

So, our point is: if you register this March, you get ALL the deals.  Seriously, all of them. First, use the code "goldenrules" to receive 10% off your registration fee.  (Just click on that red "register now" button in the upper right corner).

We also want to help you achieve your goals. So, once you're in - you'll also gain access to a code that gives you $30 off one of our training plans! SPRING HAS SPRUNG, BABY!!