Cross Country Skiing: The Ultimate Winter Cross Training!


Cross training isn’t just an invited break for your legs from the impacts of running; the right activity can actually increase your performance and extend your running season when the trails finally thaw.

Cross country skiing is one of these activities. Because it requires poles and the use of all four limbs, your body’s oxygen uptake is even greater than when running. This means that even the most advanced runner could notice an improvement in his or her aerobic capabilities.

Not to mention - the balance required for cross country skiing is an excellent strength training element that activates key core muscles, priming your body for less injuries when you adjust back into the summer trails.

So: seeking better balance, coordination and want to get outside this winter? Give this minimal impact, nordic sport a try! You might even notice some elusive upper-body improvements!

Things To Keep In Mind

— Cross-country skiing can be much easier with a few technique tips and tricks - consider a lesson!
— If you’re new to the sport - start with classic, which is typically easier to learn.
— Lean forward, not back
— Keep your hands in front of your body to maintain balance.

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