Unwrap your gifts early this year starting with our new course maps!!!

Are you the type of the person that sneaks peeks at your Christmas presents? … reads the last chapter of the book before you’re supposed to? If so, read on. If not… maybe you should wait until our official course announcement in March.

We could not wait any longer so have gone ahead and created course maps for the 2019 routes we’ve applied for… and we’re stoked to share the details with you!! Our Day 1 Blood/Climb courses are staying the same, but everything else is getting a good shake-up. We’ve also posted our 120 km course detail! From distances and elevation, to photos and more, get the goods here (click that button).

You’re going to have to wait until March for information on the ITRA/UTMB points… we’ll submit the courses for assessment once we get the official OK from the government.


For a more detailed look at the local trail systems that we will be running through in the fall, check out these great area maps from Tourism Golden.