Couples who ride together, stay together.


We got this (-->) email in mid-August... and didn't have to think twice about our answer.

YES, yes, a thousand times YES, Ashley. We never thought you'd ask. Why set the bar high when you can dress it as a mythical steed instead?

This year, we are recognizing a niche group of runners out there who wish to up the 60 km ante with a small prop.

The challenge: run the entire race riding a hobby horse.
The reward: free race entry!

That was the genesis of this email from Ashely. And not only is she coming armed and dangerous with her sidekick, Miss Pretty Prancer - her boyfriend will be riding alongside on his purebred, Mustang Stanley. 

And you thought romance was dead. 

We can't WAIT to see you guys on the start line (and at the finish line!).