Prize Purse Announced for 2017

For the first time in the history of the Golden Ultra, runners will for a $3000 cash prize purse.

"It has long been my desire to offer a cash purse for the Golden Ultra," shares Race Director Magi Scallion. "Top runners are normally starving so it allows me to help them live to see another race and it also means that we can give more of our swag prizes out to the rest of the runners, volunteers and community that come to watch in fun contests."

This cash purse is in addition to thousands of dollars worth of prizing from Salomon, Suunto, Scat Belt and many local prize donors. It also means that all of the 'just running for fun' runners will get more of the sweet sweet swag prizes.


Cash prizes will be awarded as follows:

Golden Ultra (85 km stage race):
1st place male / 1st place female - $750
2nd place male / 2nd place female - $500
3rd place male / 3rd place female - $250