Get yo' gear ready!


In order to achieve our goal of mandatory great times, we have compiled a little Golden Ultra gear list that will be required for all participants. We were unable to find evidence that a Hobby Horse is essential to your well-being during the race, however they still come HIGHLY recommended.


  • Water bottles / hydration device

On the Sweat leg, we will require all you 60K'ers to have:

  • Hat

  • Gloves

  • Jacket

We strongly recommend you also carry bear spray and a cell phone.  If there is excessive or aggressive bear activity in the days leading up to the event we may require bear spray. Likewise, pending the weather forecast, we may also require an emergency blanket to be carried.

For more information on wildlife safety, please follow the link below to the BC Parks website:

We will update our required gear list in the week leading up to the big weekend! Happy running! And shopping!