Runners in the Crowd (V. Idaho)

Michelle Sebern is coming to run the Golden Ultra for her first time this year. Hailing from Sandpoint, Idaho, she's no stranger to mountains, but does she really know what we have in store for her? (cue hysterical laughter)  .... it's all about the views, right?

Q. Before we get into the running questions – tell us 5 things we should know about you. Passions, hobbies, quirks, etc. 
A. Besides being a runner, I am also a mom to the most fantastic 10 year old girl you will ever meet.  I really enjoy cooking, and most recently discovered the Instant Pot (cooking break through!)  I love spicy food and spicy powders that make spicy food unbearable to most people.  I despise shopping and crowds.  I prefer peeing outside rather than flush toilets.   

Q. What motivated you to get into ultra running distances?  
A. Living in Alaska, I was surrounded by long, open ridge tops.  I wanted to be able to access the backcountry faster and run those ridges forever.  I love running and how at first, long distances seem daunting, but after having some success with ultra runs, nothing seems impossible.

Q. How do you train for the altitude you’ll face here?
A. I am fortunate to live in Sandpoint, Idaho where I am surrounded by mountains. Schweitzer Ski Resort is in my backyard and there are many other beautiful mountain trails within an hours drive.

Q. What draws you to our race in the mountains of Golden, BC? 
A. I have spent numerous days skiing in the backcountry around Golden, Kicking Horse and Rogers Pass. I am excited to see the landscape free of snow.  British Columbia is one of my favourite places on earth! 

Q. What have you learned about yourself through your ultramarathoning journey?  
A. I am a type A personality with a busy mind. Spending hours on trails with myself as company, and just listening to the cadence of my feet and my breath has helped me to appreciate the here and now.  I also appreciate how impossible dreams become reality as long as you put in the miles.

Q. How do you celebrate a race finish? 
A. I love having sushi and a nap!
Editor's Note: Some of the best sushi in Golden is at the Gas Plus gas station!  For real.  That's how we roll.  Get gas, grab some sushi.  It sounds crazy but it's soooo worth it.

Q. Any other dream races on the horizon, or other races planned for this summer? 
A. I am planning to run my first 50 mile race in October in Montana.  Next year I hope to run 100 miles!

Q. Do you have any funny / embarrassing / memorable race moments that you’d like to share? 
A. My first ultra race was The Broken Goat last summer.  It was the first time I had ever run more than 28 miles. At about mile 24, I got the giggles and they would NOT stop.  My running partner thought I had completely lost my mind.  It is impossible to run when you are doubled over with laughter and for no real reason. Since then I have learned that I always get the giggles at about the 20-26 mile mark, but can keep it from happening if I have some caffeine just before mile 20.  I have no explanation… but I’m glad they don’t happen very often anymore!

Somebody make this girl laugh.  We want to hear that when she's crossing the finish line!