Giddy Up Golden Ultra


Are you a hobbyist? An enthusiast? How about a hobby horse enthusiast? Unlike other equestrian endeavours, this sport involves only a minimal investment of money and time. It does not even involve an actual horse. Turns out, all you need is a stick…and a dream.

Inspired by this video, this year, we are recognizing a niche group of runners out there who can’t bear to leave their trusty steeds behind.

The challenge: run the entire race with your hobby horse in tow.
The reward: free race entry!

To cater to our riders and their stallions, we will have a corral at the start of the race, and veterinary support standing by to ensure soundness of the equines and safety of the riders.

Creativity is encouraged! Hobby horse aficionados take high pride in the sport’s do-it-yourself attitude and we don’t expect anything less from this year’s entries.

The rules:

  • Hobby horse must be 1 metre long, ears to tail
  • Horse must be ridden for the duration of the race
  • Tack is at the discretion of the rider
  • Galloping not required
  • Competition and free entry is valid for 60 km "Sweat" course only.

Giddy up and contact us to register now! (email or give us a shout out on social media with a pic of you and your horse).