Got Swag?

You gave us feedback and we listened.  

In the first two years of the event we gave everybody a sweet Golden Ultra custom Sauce headband plus some local goodies for registering and all stage racers a pint glass at the finish line (unless you entered the Half Pint, then you got a half pint glass). 

Well, the 60 km is a feat in itself, so why didn't the 60 km finishers get a finish award?  ... and climbing the ski hill is nothing to be sniffed at either!  ... and, heck, completing your first trail 10 km is a pretty rad accomplishment, too!

So we are going SWAG CRAZY this year!  All runners will still get the sweet registration package that features the limited edition, customized Sauce headband and local goodies.  Our stage race runners will still get their pint (or half) glasses when they finish the three days. ... and every runner that crosses the finish line EACH DAY will get a special prize that follows the theme of the day.

Stay tuned for the big reveal of what the swag is going to be once we get all the designs finalized.