First of all, a round of applause for getting through 2017. As we approach a new year, this reset of the calendar always prompts us to refocus and re-align our goals for the next 12 months. Our goal this year is to put on an epic 3 day mountain stage race that was better than the year before, filled with 750 incredible people who love a challenge. And we plan to sell out. That's where you come in. 

Whether you want to run your first 10K, or your first 3 day ultra-marathon stage race, it all starts with a few simple steps. 

1. Register for the 2018 Golden Ultra

This seems pretty self explanatory, but simply setting a date in your calendar, and making a small financial commitment on an entry fee and travel arrangements, will keep you invested and motivated to establish and stick to a 2018 training regimen.

2. Set an Intention

Maybe you've never run on trails before, or maybe you ran a marathon last year. Maybe this will be your first stage race. If finishing is your goal, or you're gunning to beat your last race time, or you just want to spend a weekend doing something unforgettable with a loved one - giving yourself a target to aim for can give you an extra edge of determination on those days you don't feel like training. It's also guaranteed to produce an even bigger grin at the finish line!!!

3. Share the Excitement

Make it a priority to encourage someone to join you in Golden this September. We've got races for every walk of life, not to mention countless other reasons to visit the East Kootenays (have we mentioned we have access to 6 National Parks?) and nothing gets us more stoked than new faces enjoying our mountain running festival (that sounds less daunting, right?). Getting a buddy on board does wonders for the mental battles associated with taking on a new challenge. Plus, you need someone to cheers with when it's over! Not to mention take a beer selfie with mid race. 

4. Keep it Real

When setting running goals, consider what else you have on your plate this year in terms of work, family and other life callings. Set yourself up for success by nurturing the commitments you do have, while carving out what time is realistically available for training. Equally, be prepared to re-adjust your goals if things aren't going as planned - as life often does! 

5. ...but also: Dare to Dream

This might slightly contradict the reasonability of point number 4, but sometimes you just have to think BIG. We all crave challenges so why not set yourself an ambitious target like the Golden Ultra? If you're reading this blog, you're already inclined to literally, conquer a MOUNTAIN. We humans have an uncanny ability to surprise ourselves with just how strong and resilient we can be. 

Prices go up tonight, so what are you waiting for?!