2017 Race Photos are HERE!!

Our photos are ready!!! Please see Bruno's lovely note below on the most efficient way to navigate through all the awesomeness of our 2017 photo gallery.

Hey everyone,

Thanks so much for being patient with me on the images. I was away for two weeks straight of assignment work the day after the race and have only gotten around to putting the images up on the Photoshelter site.

website LINK: https://brunolong.photoshelter.com/

It is a bit tough to navigate with all the images so I’ve tried to simplify it for you. Next year will hopefully be all automated so you can just type in your bib number but for now, you’ll have to scroll through the images to try and find your number, your colourful outfit or your smiling face!

Once on the site, click on the Archive+ icon and then the All Galleries in the drop down menu. Once there, make sure the preview page shows up to 500 images instead of 25 images at a time. That will allow you to scroll through more images without having to change pages. If you find yourself and want to purchase a photo, just click on the image and you will be prompted to purchase the image right then and there.

IMPORTANT: If you think you might buy more than one image, please create a Lightbox when you click on the image. Name the Lightbox in your name, then you can add multiple images from all the galleries. This will save you a bunch of time.

I really hope you enjoy the images that Laura and I shot. It was a pleasure as always for work this event and meet so many inspiring people and runners. Hope to see you all again next year!