Introducing Hollie Holden, Golden Ultra VIP

A scene from the upper reaches of the Blood.

A scene from the upper reaches of the Blood.

You may remember our VIP backstage pass contest in July... well, we did select a winner and it's none other than Vancouver's Hollie Holden! This will be Hollie's first year at the Golden Ultra so we sniffed out what she's most excited about.

When did you decide to run the Golden Ultra?  What inspired you?

I first got the idea in to my head in January this year but as I was still new to trail running did not have the confidence to actually sign up for it! Katie signed up for it and encouraged me to do the same but it wasn't until I had run a few more trails races including a more technical ultra in June that I realized I could definitely achieve Golden if I put my mind (and feet!) to it.

Who is this Katie?

Katie is one of my biggest trail-spirations. She is the person who first dragged me away from the road and up a mountain (in my road runners) on Thanksgiving last year and despite the rain, hills & lack of grip in my runners I fell in love with the trails and have gradually spent more & more time on the trails ever since. Her guidance and patience with me whilst finding my feet on the North Shore trails has been invaluable!  I've chosen her to be my co-winner in the VIP package.

How's your training coming along?

Every Thursday morning at 5:30am we rise & grind! We climb Grouse mountain up either the grind, BCMC or Larsen trail (1st time on that today!) for about 850m gain over 2.5/3km then run down a longer way through the trails for a couple of hours to get in a bit more distance and teach the quads to love the pounding of a long, continuous downhill.

What do you think is going to be the biggest challenge at the Golden Ultra?

Getting up and back out on day 3!!

Why are you most excited about the VIP Backstage Pass?

The massages!  I have never done a 3 day stage race before so need all the help I can get recovering from each individual day ready to tackle the next!

Good luck Hollie and Katie!  We're looking forward to hosting you in Golden!