Win a VIP Backstage Pass to the Golden Ultra

Set yourself apart from the screaming fans, literally, with a VIP backstage pass to the Golden Ultra.  Just like a superfan at a rock concert you can get your groupie on with this ultramarathon VIP treatment.

Two lucky winners will win "all-inclusive" VIP concierge service at the Golden Ultra.  This sweet treatment includes:

  • Food and accommodations package for two ($600 value, cha-ching).
  • 15 minute massage for each day you're racing (that's all you really care about, we know).
  • A personalized aid station menu including lounge chairs and plate service (say what?).
  • Post race lunch/dinner at the Island Restaurant in downtown Golden with Golden's Mayor and Regional Director ('cause you know those finish line cravings).
  • A tour of the Grizzly Bear Refuge at KHMR (nothing like a big griz to put wings on your feet).
  • A gift bag worthy of any coffee- and beer-loving ultra runner (because which Ultra runner is not a coffee lover and beer connoisseur).
  • Autograph signing session with racer or local celebrity of your choice (the Race Director, perhaps?)
  • ... and maybe a few other tasty treats we've not figured out yet.

Total cash value of over ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS!  (CAD, service fees and taxes included). 

Total "praise the sweet baby jesus I really needed that" value... one MILLION DOLLARS.

If you're the type of runner that likes a little pampering, a little VIP and a lot of easy living on race weekend this is a contest you WANT to win.  You have to be registered to race before July 15 to be eligible for this prize.