Five Steps to Conquering Fears with Goals

Jen Segger with her fan club #1 member at Golden Ultra 2015.

Jen Segger with her fan club #1 member at Golden Ultra 2015.

By: Jen Segger

1.  Choose races, goals or events that are outside of your comfort zone. That little bit of "scary" is what keeps you motivated, excited and committed. When something feels easy, it doesn't have the same attraction.  It's through challenge that we really grow and learn. 

2.  Create a plan to reach your goals (and stick to it).  It is critical to not bite off too much but mapping out large or long term goals is great. Then, fill in the blanks with the steps to how you will reach it. Each piece of the puzzle should have a purpose and be a challenge or aimed at learning/improving.

3. Tap into people who have gone ahead of you and learn! Ask Questions. Be inquisitive.  Be open to the learning process.

4. Be ready for the 1 step back.  Sometimes tackling a big scary goal is 3 steps forward, 1 step back.  Don't let the one step back stop you - you're still 2 steps ahead of where you were before and much closer to your goal!

5. And most importantly, NEVER be afraid to fail.  If you get out there on day one you can totally get out there on goal day.  If you don't do what you wanted... there's always another day!