SkyRunning, the International Sport of Mountain Running, Arrives in Canada

New Series Unites 20 Mountain Trail Running Events for National Championships and International Competition

Today, The Canadian Skyrunning Federation, the governing body for the sport of mountain running in Canada, announced the 2016 Skyrunner Series Canada. This series will unite 20 events across 6 provinces with over 1045 km of mountain trail competition. Over 13 weekends, thousands of runners will compete for National Championship Titles in 3 separate race categories.

Director of Operations for the Canadian Skyrunning Federation, Roxanne Tanase, said "The ability to bring together so many prestigious trail running events in Canada is un precedented. The truly puts the mountain trails of Canada on a world stage and highlights the pristine environment and unique communities that our country has to offer. We expect this series to greatly enhance the reputation, reach and economic benefit of each and every event."

The Canadian Skyrunning Federation and the Skyrunner Series Canada are the latest additions to the International Skyrunning Federation as they expand and organize the sport of mountain running across the globe. Skyrunning events are different from other events in that they combine elevation gains, altitude and trails in very difficult mountain terrain. The events are broken into 3 categories: Vertical (Short but steep events), Sky (20-50 km events with several thousand meters of elevation gain) and UltraSky (40-160+km events with upwards of 5000-6000m of elevation gain) all of which take place on very steep and technical terrain, often at altitudes of 2000+m.

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2016 Skyrunner Series Canada

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