Registration Changes for 2016

Registration is already open for 2016 and we've made some exciting changes.

Do you know somebody who's not quite ready for the "full pull"?  Somebody who's working their way from a trail half marathon up to a full marathon?  Well, we've got options for them.

The biggest change that you'll see is that we have two events within the Golden Ultra.  We're offering the exact same offering as this year - with the full vertical KM, 60 km Ultra and 20 km trail run - but also adding a "half" option for all of those distances.  While the final routing and distance is yet to be determined the approximate details are as follows:

"The Blood" (half) - Take the chairlift half-way up the hill and run from there to the summit.  Approximately 3 km and 600m elevation gain (a bit more than half of the full Blood).  This will also include the steepest part of the run and the most beautiful single track up the final ridge.

"The Sweat" (half) - Starting and finishing in Spirit Square (just like the full option) this event will go just past "aid station 1 (12.5 km), do a short loop on the beautiful Cedar Lake Trails, and head back down the final 13 km from Aid Station 4 to the finish.

"The Tears" (half) - Is yet to be completely finalized.  This will either be an "out and back" 10 km that has some singletrack, or will be 10 km loop of double-wide gravel town trail.  We'll assess and measure in the spring.

So your options for 2016 include:

  • Solo Full or Half
  • Single day at either full or half distance
  • Team Full or Half (register as a regular team and define your distance later)

The one thing that we cannot manage through the registration system (yet) is to have a mix & match with the half and full distances.  So if you're running solo across all three days you have to choose between all full distances or all half distances.   Awards will be given for solo full, solo half, full and half distance for each day, and team full and team half.

(c) Bruno Long from "The Tears"

(c) Bruno Long from "The Tears"