As we get bigger every year, we remain committed to rewarding those that are keen to leave the trails in better shape than when they arrived. Each year, we give away mad prizing to those who leave no trace behind us as we hop, skip, dance, and frolic through hundreds of kilometres of Golden’s finest single track.


Our “Litter Rally” literally (get it?) is a contest that is quite simple:

  1. Pick up the most pieces of litter as you’re racing (on or off course).

  2. Bring it back your collection of litter to the finish line when you complete your race.

  3. Rewards will go to the top garbage collectors of the day and litter will be measured by volume, not weight.

Disclaimer: Stashing trash in your bag pre race doesn’t count (we really don’t think that needs to be said, but hey it’s a wacky world out there)…

Thank you for joining us in our efforts to keep the trails healthy, and good luck to all Litter Rally participants!