Saturday, March 17, 2018

2017 EVENT CANCELLED - Watch for a new location in 2018!

Golden, BC 

In light of the recent news about processed meats, we're pleased to announce a winter fun event - the BaconBeiner. This ultimate endurance challenge will involve cross country skiing and ... bacon! Yes, ok, we will have a high-calorie vegetarian option. ... and a kids race for the little piggies.

Skiers will have 2, 4 or 6 hours to complete as many laps as possible of a 4-5 km course. The piglets will have 30 minutes on a 500 m loop.

Do you like bacon with a side of snow? Then get your skis on and here you go! BACONBEINER!


Potbelly - 2-hour endurance challenge (5 km loop)
Porker - 4-hour endurance challenge (5 km loop)
Wild Boar - 6-hour endurance challenge (5 km loop)
Piglet - 30 Minute charge (kids under 10) (500 m loop)
All categories will have a "Heritage Option" for those wanting to pull or carry children, in honour of the original Birkebeiner.


March 11, 2017

9:00-1030 am: Registration + Race Package Pick-up
11:00 am: START (all adult categories)
13:30 pm: START (Piglets)
18:00 pm: Awards & Celebration


New in 2017, we are removing the bacon eating requirement each lap.  Laps will be registered by passing the start/finish line. Your last lap must be completed before the final hour mark of your category.  For participants wanting consideration for the Porcine Wonder prize (see detail below, under awards), at least one slice of bacon must be consumed per lap. 


All participants will receive sufficient bacon (or substitute) to complete the course (don't bring your own) and a custom headband featuring the event logo.


Big shout out to the event sponsors, without them this radness would be a lot more tricky.  Please check them out, support them, and give them some big ol' high fives.


A variety of awards will be presented, including:

  • Most laps completed in each category (male / female / heritage)
  • "Porcine Wonder" : Most bacon consumed per lap (average).  A minimum # of laps will be set for each category. 
  • "Divine Swine" : Best Dressed Swine
  • "The Hungry Piglet" " Loudest Piggie Feeding Squeal (let your squeals rip in front of our feeding judges - volume and authenticity count)
  • Other, yet-to-be-determined categories, pending excellent pork-puns.




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