This group of veteran alumni comes from all walks of life, but there are two things that they all have in common: their infectious zest for epic adventure, and their 5th consecutive registration for our races!! We’ve also got some seriously dedicated crew members who have been working tirelessly behind the scenes for the last 5 years. Mad props to this dream team!


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Ben is a steadfast and calming presence on and off course. He makes everyone feel at ease with his fun loving demeanor, and he has always stood out because of his infectious smile on course (even after 60 km). He treks all the way from the Yukon with a jovial northern crew each year. In Ben’s words, “fall just wouldn’t be fall without the Golden Ultra'.” Well Ben, the Golden Ultra wouldn’t be the same without you.

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Craig is the founder of RunGo, an awesome running app that allows you to create, explore, and share new running routes. He has also been an enthusiastic participant at all of our Golden Ultras…and speaking of Golden…check out that pup! Craig will be back at it again at our 2019 Golden Ultra. Cheers Craig!

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We recently chatted with Graham about his 5th year, and he had this to say (cue the waterworks): “Of runs that I’ve done since that first Ultra in Golden, it is still my favourite race. I plan to be one of the runners who has run each of the first 10 years when that day comes. The trails are fantastic and the scenery is incredible, and the weather is perfect that time of year… even last years ankle deep snow made for a surreal and special run. The photography is the best of any run I’ve ever done. In the five years my wife and I have been coming, we’ve discovered great places to stay, and are always charmed by the wonderful people that organize the race, and the nice people of Golden. ”



Solana is a force to be reckoned with. She co-owns Capra in Squamish, she founded Ladies of the Trails in the lower mainland, she’s an active race director, and most importantly: she’s an animal onesie enthusiast who is ALWAYS on course (whether she’s running or not) to cheer on her fellow community. Solana’s support and compassion for other runners, and her enthusiastic and free spirited nature make her a cherished part of our race.



Jan, a former Golden local, has been crushing our Full Pint since signing up for his first ultra off the couch in 2015! After years of comedy and shenanigans, Jan is planning to conquer our beastly 120K this year...and no doubt he’ll be smiling the whole way. Jan always brings a hearty dose of hilarity in every activity that he chooses, and we’d be hard pressed to find a photo of him not grinning gleefully. Jan has recently moved to the coast, and has written a very relatable blog on what it’s like training for a massive goal as a family man. Check it out here.

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When Jenn isn’t locally kicking our butts on the pilates mat, she’s taking on a new challenge each year with her family in tow. Jenn and Hayden Tataryn have been participating since Day 1, and we’re so thrilled that it’s always been a family affair for them! She originates from the prairies, so she’s always in awe of watching her children conquer mountains. “Watching my son and his friends take on new challenges is the reason 
we’ll return this fall,” Jenn states.


5 year CREW



Bruno has been scaling our massive mountains for 5 years now, delivering absolutely stunning shots of our event, our participants, and the surrounding valley. Bruno is regularly featured in mountain bike and ski publications and it’s no surprise why when you see his creativity and ability. Bruno is a trail runner himself and could very well be a crusher participant if he wasn’t capturing the weekend! We absolutely love his work and having him make the trek from Revelstoke every year.



Grinder probably has a real name but we don’t even want to know what it is. Grinder is an absolutely invaluable asset to the operational side of our event, and we couldn’t do it without him! Well we could, but there would be less Baileys to go around. Grinder has extensive experience with huge event operations (The Olympics, ahem) so we’re damn lucky that he likes to slum it with us every year!

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Our favourite Scotswoman, Tanya has been volunteering for our event since we started. She operates the Kicking Horse Hostel here in Golden, and always shows up with bells on to any task we give her on race weekend!! She has an infectious personality and a gregarious presence that is always a delight on course. Thank you for repping us so hard all these years Tanya!

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Judy Doyle has been an avid volunteer / behind the scenes crew member for our event since day 1. She is a team player who’s up for anything, and always ready for any curveball we throw at her on race weekend. She is kind, hardworking, and gets it DONE with a smile. Thank you for sticking with us for 5 years Judy!